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and the blood work came back

Sometimes I just dont understand what goes on inside a doctors head... My cough has been getting worse for the past week or so and my speech pathologist was getting worried about it so she told me to make an appointment with my PCP... Unfortunatly my PcP doesnt work on fridays because he is the head of the department and does that stuff so I had to see a nurse who was extremly nice.... we talked and she listend to my wheezy restricted lungs and sent me for a chest x-ray which showed a little back up and inflimation but no seen pneumonia... she was suppose to send me for blood tests but called the doctor first who sent me to the ER to be admitted... BAD idea althought the doctors and the nurses in the ER were absolutly amazing and seemed to recognize that I was completly self reliant on taking care of my self... like keeping tabs on my blood sugar and treating with insulin I waited in the er for what felt like an eternity... watching the clock slowly tick bye... I had my dvd player with me so I watched boondock saints, mamma mia,and pay it foreward all while on a continuous nebulizer. twelve hours later I was admitted I was so excited to finally get some sleep... I got all checked in and they resumed the oxygen and nebs when the floor doctor came in and looked at me and said... "we are doing nothing here that you cannot do at home, you have a great PCP and really great follow up comeing up, so I am sending you home with a higher dose of Prednisone" well the nurse came in dumbfounded she couldnt believe it! I got up got dressed signed my discharge papers and left not noticing that the stupid doctor never wrote a script for the higher dose of prednisone.

I see a pulmonologist on Tuesday so Im not really that worried but I cant believe I waited twelve hours to be admitted on my PCP's request and they just sent me home! Gosh! and at this point I dont even know why they admitted me in the first place.... I was too tired at the moment to even ask any questions... Im a very nice person but at that point I wasnt really acting the part.

Now its back to crawling into bed and watching a movie because I am exhausted! But as always smiling my way through :)


Oct. 10th, 2010 10:26 pm (UTC)
Geez! take a ten minute break (from reality) and kick some furniture while making growling noises and piratical curses! What a circus, huh?
Oct. 10th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
oh it gets better because I confused my appointments... I really dont have a Pulmonologist appointment on tuesday I have a GI appointment lol...PRIME... this should be an interesting week


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